Video & Viral Seeding

If you want to create a buzz around your content, or see it go viral, then you need to get the right people talking about it. It’s how online marketing and social media join forces to create powerful word- of-mouth campaigns.

Viral content isn’t like traditional advertising. You don’t buy space or airtime to show it – you rely on independent and influential people talking about it in the right places, whether it’s on Twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on blogs, via email and elsewhere on the internet.

We can help you in two ways. First, we can help you create unmissable content (see our viral games and video production services). Second, we can use our own networks to get the content to the right people – the ‘sneezers’ who like your content so much that they pass it on like a contagious bug.

So, when you have content that’s too good not to be talked about, ask us to help spread the word. It can help it make the transition from critical success to mass market appeal – talk to us today to learn more.

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