The process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also called natural indexing, helps your URL link reach top results on search engines such as Google. Various criteria have to be taken into account : keywords, relevant content, HTML tags, correct coding, external netlinking, etc. You might need to use a specialist service provider with the requisite skills in order to reach good results. Newebtime holds a vast amount of experience in the field.

SEO is a free e-marketing process. Search engines will not make you pay for natural indexing. Developing SEO strategy takes time; therefore, you need to be patient and persevering to see results, especially if your keywords are very competitive. If you are looking for the results to come fast, refer to SEA. Both SEO and SEA form SEM.


First of all, good SEO strategy implies good keywords determination. A keyword is a word or an expression used by users to research on search engines. SEO audit will help you choose right keywords. There are many tools available to assist you in choosing the right keywords depending on the volume of actual searches on the web. Our digital agency in Bangkok can help you figure out the best keywords your website should be indexed for.

Relevant content

Search engines such as Google strive to provide relevant and high quality content to their users so before indexing your website, you must create good content. Original content does not mean content you never saw on any other website but a new way to treat a subject. Social media channels are a great way to promote your content and identify your readers’ interests.


Search Engine Result Pages are the results that appear after a request on a search engine. From user to user, results on the same search engine can differ according to one’s setup : language, number of results per page, location or the device used (smartphone, tablet, computer). SERPs can also vary according to your previous searches. Therefore, if you want to know your actual rank on SERPs, you should use private browsing. Here is an example of SERP on a private browser using keyword “Joomla Bangkok”.


The expression ‘netlinking’ refers to obtaining external links pointing to your website. It enhances traffic and visibility as search engines take those links into account to characterise your level of relevancy: the more external links you have, the more relevant your web pages are and the higher you rank.

White and black hat SEO

White hat SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization that fully respects search engines’ rules, hoping for a long term indexation. It basically consists of good quality content rather than quantity of links. Newebtime has used White hat SEO for Morgan, a french fashion brand. Opposing to White hat techniques, Black hat SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisers using techniques that go outside of search engines’ rules. Black hat SEO typically brings faster results but if you want to avoid risks, you have to contact professionals in this field. More and more algorithms are being created by the search engines to identify and punish websites using Black hat SEO techniques. If you want good results without running under the potential of risking your website, contact Newebtime for more information.

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