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We know that getting the most from your social media marketing is more than just tweets and status updates. Social media is about nurturing leads through your sales pipeline and building customer relationships that last by regularly delivering valuable, interesting content.

Social media consultancy

We can help you achieve this by developing a bespoke social media strategy and supporting you with measurable, effective consultancy which delivers results.

How the Consultancy Works:

We work with you to develop a conscientious strategy and content plan defining your objectives in clear and concise metrics.

You and your staff receive training on how best to use social networks for business purposes. Support is provided every step of the way to ensure the strategy is implemented correctly.

You receive monthly reports on the agreed metrics, showing the progress of the campaign through tangible results.

Social media training specific to your staff

We don’t believe that social media training is a ‘one size fits all’ solutions, and provide workshops for your staff specific to their job role. For your sales teams we will demonstrate how to attract and nurture leads. For customer service teams we show you how to improve client relationships through regular, helpful contact.

Contact us and start getting more out of your social media with results driven strategies, consultancy and training.

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