Strategy and Planning

If your business is going to succeed online, you not only need to know who you should market to – you need to reach them using the right channels.

That’s where our strategy and planning services come into their own. We work with you to create a global online marketing strategy, pinpointing exactly who you want to market your products or services to – and then we recommend a campaign that uses the right media.

Let’s take some examples. If you’re interested in immediate sales, then targeted pay-per-click ads could be for you. Or perhaps you’re in a niche market that would benefit from an affiliate program? Or maybe you want to build your brand with social media or consolidate market presence using search engine optimization.

Or – most likely of all – you may want an intelligent mix of marketing techniques and channels that will appeal to different target audiences. If so, our experience helps you to create a strategic online marketing plan that works hard on your behalf. Try us – simply get in touch for some friendly, effective advice.

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