Information Architecture

You wouldn’t write a marketing brochure without a plan, any more than you’d build your offices without a blueprint. But when it comes to websites, it’s rare to find a company that gives real thought to information architecture – clever construction that makes your site perform.

That’s what makes Newebtime stand out. We not only build all new websites to a commercial plan, we offer you the chance to review your existing site’s architecture and make it more effective.

It’s a two stage process. First we review your site’s architecture – the way the pages are linked together – to make sure that users can find what they’re looking for, or what you’d like them to find.

Next, we review the way each individual page is composed, and make sure that they are laid out in a way that customers understand and will use to buy, learn, share or donate – depending on your business aims.

So, if you’d like to review the way your site works, please let us know. We’ve got lots of tried-and-tested ideas for giving your web presence the performance it needs.

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